Here’s What Happens When You Illegally Park in a Handicapped Spot in Brazil

Why would someone who is not disabled park illegally in a handicapped spot? There are many reasons: they are lazy, in a hurry, or need to run into a store and think they “just be five minutes.”

The temptation to park in the designated space is real, folks. We know you’ve probably all been there at one point or another.

In the video above, an able-bodied Brazilian driver learned why people should never park in a handicapped spot without a valid license plate or placard.

He was thoroughly embarrassed to return to his car and find it completely covered in white and blue sticky notes. It appears someone wasn’t too pleased with him occupying a spot that could have been taken by someone who really needed it.

Although parking enforcement can ticket violators, this seems like a way better alternative.

Hopefully, he will think twice before doing that again!