Man Proposes to Woman, Leaves at Least Six Homeless

Marriage proposals are an event in and of themselves these days. Instead of simply squatting down and spitting out a few nice words, men are instead creating elaborate schemes to profess their love and create would-be viral videos that just make the rest of us look bad.

One of those elaborate schemes backfired horribly in the Netherlands when an unidentified Dutchman rented a crane to help him propose. He intended to descend in the crane in front of his girlfriend’s window, first thing on Saturday morning, to serenade her with a guitar and pop the question.

The crane had different plans. Before the man could begin his operation, it toppled over, smashing a sizable hole in the girlfriend’s neighbor’s roof. The man climbed to safety, and no one was hurt.

The crane, however, wasn’t done. It fell again while authorities attempted to right it with a larger crane, destroying that much more of the roof. The mayor of the central town of¬†Ijsselstein declared the building unsafe, and six apartments have been evacuated.

Oh, and the girlfriend said yes despite the spectacular failure of a proposal. The newly-engaged pair eloped to Paris to celebrate after talking with police. Good for them, we guess.