Is This the Dumbest Prank You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life?

Prank videos are all the rage on YouTube, making the nameless famous (and sometimes infamous) in 60 seconds or less.

We’ve seen a ton of them, and to mixed public reaction. One where a man fakes his child’s death was lambasted for going too far, while a woman getting revenge on her prankster boyfriend (with pepper spray on toilet paper) got applauded all night long. And in both cases the videos went super viral.

The newest concept making the rounds is the “Butt in Face Prank.” It’s extremely stupid, but also really tough to accomplish, which is why people are trying to do new versions of it. Watch the video above from a couple years ago to see it in action (and not have it spoiled for you here), but the premise is pretty simple. We’ll make up the names to keep everything straight.

A victim is usually convinced by two buddies (the “butt boy” and his “base”) to help them with a new exercise: performing partner squats using a person’s weight. The butt boy rests his arms on the base’s shoulders, while the victim is told to hold the butt boy’s feet on his shoulders. Then, before the “workout” can commence, the butt boy whips his legs in, yanking the victim’s face into his butt crack.

How could someone fall for that? The truth is, most don’t, which is why it’s one of the dumbest pranks to ever try. Of course, what does that say about the two victims shown here.

In the shorter video below, which was shot at a gym, it looks like a bunch of cross fit guys who do strange workouts to begin with, which might account for the victim falling for it. But in the Russian “Butt in Face Prank” video above, the dudes are laughing too much to be taken seriously as working out. Perhaps they’re drunk or high and just messing around. Who can say?

However (we’ll refrain from using the word “but” at this point), that doesn’t stop us from watching it over and over, and explains why it’s the new viral video guys are trying to produce. Consider this your fair warning.