Women Are Beautifully Coloring Their Long Armpit Hair As a ‘F*** You’ to Stigma

A new trend has swept social media in recent weeks and it revolves around women raising their arms up and revealing a ton of color.

It all started with blogger Destiny M, who made a choice to stop shaving her underarms, stating that to her “having body hair is empowering” and acts as “a giant ‘F*** you’ towards society and its stigmas.” Then, she took things a step further by dying the long her blue and posting a picture of it on social media.

What followed was backlash and criticism, according to Quemas but also a ton of support from other women saying they were going to follow her lead. And boy did they.

Now there is a Instagram and Twitter hashtag, dedicate to the trend. #dyedpits is huge and the trend has even inspired YouTube tutorials showing others who are interested how to go about trying it themselves.

Check out a few images we found online in the slideshow above.