Dying Boy Donates Make-A-Wish Gift to Help Others

Here’s your inspirational story of the day — and one that got us a little choked up.

Fourteen-year-old Martin Romero was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer last fall, so the Make-A-Wish Foundation came calling to see if they could help out and give the young man something to lift his spirits during this tough time. Initially Romero dreamed of skydiving, but due to his health it wasn’t allowed. That’s when the boy changed his wish, giving up a gift for himself and instead deciding do something for his community.

Martin asked the organization to upgrade the Albuquerque, New Mexico, fields where he had played baseball since he was 6 years old. South Valley Little League Baseball Field was a place that had brought much joy to his life over the years, and he wanted that legacy to continue. However, he knew the field wasn’t in the best of shape, so he hoped Make-A-Wish could help. The organization agreed, and donated $2,000 for improvements, which now make it easier for people using wheelchairs, walkers or strollers to attend the games up close and support their friends and family.

Sadly, Martin died in January and never got to see his gift completed. In his memory, there is a painting of the young man on the site. And, according to CNN, the Bernalilllo County Commission will consider renaming one of the fields after him.