Dying Dog Discovered on the Street Completely Transformed with Love (VIDEO)

There is no country on Earth that has as many stray dogs as India. Free-roaming street dogs number in the tens of millions. Without purpose or human companionship, they often perish on the side of roadways.

Fortunately, some “unwanted” animals have been given a second chance at life thanks to an organization called Animal Aid Unlimited.

When the dog featured in the video above was discovered, he was completely covered in mange and barely alive. It also appeared that the dog hadn’t experienced any human contact in quite some time, as it was extremely wary of being touched.

But after being brought to a shelter and given a whole lot of love, this pooch was almost unrecognizable.

Animal Aid Unlimited gave him food, hooked him up to an IV and treated his infected wounds. Within just a few days, his skin healed, though the real transformation took place in the following weeks and months.

Interested in supporting Animal Aid Unlimited? You can make a donation over on their website here.