The Dynasphere Is the Most Psychotic Old-School Vehicle You’ve Never Heard Of

Who needs steampunk when real life has enough of it, in the form of insane old-school vehicles like the Dynawheel?

While it may look like something from an obscure version of the near future, the monowheel Dynasphere was actually based on a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci.┬áPatented in 1930 by Englishman John Archibald Purves, the Dynasphere was once hailed as the “the high-speed vehicle of the future.”

The vehicle eventually failed because, though it moved just fine, it was nearly impossible to steer or brake effectively, often causing “gerbiling,” and effect that caused the driver’s seat to spin with the wheel structure when stopping.

For more information on the Dynasphere and the hype surrounding it shortly after its creation, watch the above video, an absolute gem of old-timey English accents and industrial-age insanity. It’s truly fascinating, for so many reasons.