WATCH: Woman Removes ‘Chicken Nugget’ Size Ear Wax from Man’s Ear

Ear wax is a normal and natural thing. In fact, the ear is a self cleaning part of the body and usually doesn’t require wax extraction unless it becomes infected or you experience hearing problems. If you feel fullness in your ears or you feel like you have water in there but you don’t, you probably need to make an appointment with a doctor.

We do not recommend doing any ear wax removal resembling what you see in this video at home. In fact, if you see below, you’ll find a link to a story in which a similar procedure is done but with medical equipment, at the hands of a physician.

Obviously, what you’re about to see above is not a medical procedure. People should never take tweezers or any sharp objects into their ears. You’re not even supposed to go into the ear canal with Q-tips. But the woman in the video horrifyingly uses tweezers in order to remove what some websites are calling “a chicken nugget” size ear wax from this man’s ear.

Why people watch this stuff and why it’s so satisfying yet gross is a whole other article onto itself. For now, let’s hope you’re not eating while watching this.


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