The Earliest Color Photos of the US Transport You to a Lost World

Old photographs are nice and all, but robbed of color, they often lose some of the luster and character of modern day color photographs. Who wouldn’t like to see century-old photographs with vibrant color to bring them to life?

Thanks to a new publication, those interested in photography and the past can get exactly that. AnĀ American Odyssey, published by Taschen, is a new 612 page book the collects photochrom and photostint postcard images, all from the private collection of Marc Walter.

The photographs in the book were all taken from between 1888 to 1924, created with a photolithographic process that makes them some of the first color photographs of the US ever taken, predating the the more widely used autochrome process by 20 years.

For more information on the process, you can visit TwistedSifter for some excerpts from the book’s FAQ. If you’re interested in purchasing An American Odyssey, you can purchase it via Amazon.