Police Intercept Easter Bunny Stuffed with $30,000 Worth of Meth!

We hear about people smuggling drugs into the country via their orifices using condoms all the time. Now, even bunnies are doing it.

On Friday, a police drugs squad intercepted a suspicious-looking Easter bunny stuffed with meth in Oklahoma. After a tip-off, the bunny was discovered by a sniffer dog while on its way to the recipient, Carolyn Ross. Ross was arrested when a policeman went to her home posed as a delivery man.

In custody, Ross confessed to knowing that two pounds of the drug were inside the stuffed animal. She also admitted the plan was to pass the drugs off to another person after the delivery.

“There were two condoms and meth stuffed inside the rabbit,” Tahlequah Police Chief Nate King told Fox News. King was confused by the decision to smuggle methamphetamine in a stuffed rabbit. “The Easter Bunny I thought was a strange touch,” he said.

Ross is being held at the Cherokee Detention Center on $75,000 bond, the Daily Mail reports. The stuffed rabbit is still at the Tahlequah police station.

Watch the video to see the stuffed bunny and the men who found her.