Easy DIY Summer Ideas — Slip and Slide in Five Minutes!

The summer heat is obviously here and we’re all looking for quick and easy ways to stay cool. A lot of DIY summer ideas can be tedious and time consuming. We here at Firsttoknow were trying to figure out another kind of lifestyle hack for anyone looking for some easy cool down fun.

The first 0:38 seconds describe how to put it together, and the rest of the video shows it.

Here’s a DIY Slip and Slide I made with my brother in less than 5 minutes. It will cost you less than today’s lunch and you only need three simple items to make it happen.

What you’ll need are:

  • – 1 inch styrofoam board (4×8 ft)
  • – 2 medium duty tarps  (6×8 ft each)
  • – a running hose
  • (pool and bubbles optional)

Start by cutting the styrofoam board in half to make it into two 2×8 feet pieces. Connect the two pieces together to make it into a long slide (2×16 ft long). Then, lay all the materials down on any a soft-ish surface, preferably grass and leading into a pool; if you don’t have that, use your best judgment, but don’t go diving on hard concrete where you could break something. (You have been warned.) Hose it all down with some water (you can add bubbles for a more slippery effect), take a few steps back and run onto your newly made summer slide.

The video shows how the slip and slide was assembled and how it served as entertainment throughout the day.

Check it out for yourself. We guarantee it will leave you thinking, “that was easy.” Happy sliding!