Exclusive Photos: Ebola Decontamination Procedures Inside Dallas Apartment

For more than a week, people have seen the outside of apartments belonging to Amber Vinson and Nina Pham, the nurses who tested positive for the Ebola virus. We know these spaces were contaminated, and that cleanup crews have gone in to decontaminate these spaces. But what exactly are the ebola decontamination procedures that will make these apartments safe places for the residents and friends to return to in the future?

A CBS affiliate in Dallas has obtained exclusive images of the ebola decontamination procedures that took place at Amber Vinson’s apartment, detailing what was torn out of the space in order to make sure that it was safe for humans. These operations will reportedly allow people to live and visit the space again, as well as apartments adjoining the space.

Obviously we can assume that carpet and furniture have been removed — and they have — but there’s more to these images. Photos of the cleanup crew show a scene that appears to have been ripped from a science fiction movie. Not only are the workers in Hazmat suits, but they have partners ensuring that they are properly outfitted and safe — insuring that these workers don’t become infected and spread the disease themselves.

Check out the video above for the images.