WATCH: Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Ebola in the US

Ebola is here, people. It’s in the nation and it may already have spread from Dallas to DC. Surely that must mean we’re basically headed toward a worldwide pandemic and post-humanity dystopia to outdo anything you’ll see on Walking Dead, right?

Wrong. Ebola isn’t destined to be the downfall of the human race, or even that big of a deal, at least according to¬†infectious disease specialist Dr. Kent Sepkowitz.¬†And hey, he is an expert on this sort of thing.

The good Dr. Sepkowitz got the chance to argue his case against Ebola on The Colbert Report this week. Stephen Colbert was a tough interviewer, as always, but Sepkowitz argument is one worth hearing, if only to calm the rising tide of panic over this latest so-called epidemic.