Ebola Victims Allegedly ‘Rise from the Dead’ in Liberia

According to the Mirror, villagers in Liberia are convinced that two female Ebola villagers have allegedly risen from the dead.

The two women, one in her 60s and the other in her 40s, died from the disease and are supposedly roaming around.

Nimba County villagers report that Dorris Quoi and Ma Kebeh were being taken for burial (at their respective services) when they sprang back to life.

Upon hearing this news, some villagers became panicked and fearful. It’s not the Ebola virus they fear — they are convinced Dorris Quoi has not officially been resurrected, but is only a ghost.

Local customs have deemed it completely unacceptable for a ghost to live along side living humans.

While this story appears a bit “out there” to most of us Westerners, the Ebola virus is no laughing matter. The disease has now taken nearly 3,000 lives. Liberia accounts for more than half of all deaths.

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