Ed Fairburn Makes a Living Transforming Maps Into Fine Works of Art

Maps are a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world around us.

In general, they provide people with a sense of location, topography, context and scale — often times with mind blowing visualizations. Now more than ever, maps are being incorporated into art through various elements of design.

Ed FairburnA map is like a blank canvas, one that you can include just about any information you’d like. So much so, that one artist is using the geography of our Earth to create stunning portraits by blending in his lines and shadows with a map’s intricate details.

Based in Cardiff, Wales, Ed Fairburn uses a wide variety of canvasses, including world and street maps, star charts, railroad blueprints and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

When he is finished with a map, you can hardly distinguish the difference between his hand drawn portrait and the map itself. The two seem to collide into one unique landscape.

Check out his awe-inspiring artwork in the slideshow above and visit his site for more.