See the Lost Egyptian City Discovered Underwater After 1200 Years

It was about 1,2000 years ago that the city of Heracleion was covered by the Mediterranean. The Egyptian city was founded around the 8th century BC and was most likely a major port of entry for ships.

Archaeologist Franck Goddio and the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology (IEASM) discovered the city in 2000. What they pulled out of the water is truly amazing.

Above, we have some images from the search. Below is a full-length documentary that explains how monumental this find actually is. Scroll below the video to get some more info if you don’t want to watch it.

Here’s an excerpt from the documentary’s YouTube page that talks about the Egyptian city found underwater.

Heracleion ia a city much like Atlantis, submerged and swallowed by the Mediterranean sea for over 1200 years. But archaeologists are now discovering amazing statues of Egyptian Gods and beautiful gold artifacts. The mysteries of this sunken city is truly being unraveled. The city known by two names Heracleion by the Greeks and Thonis by the Egyptians was discovered 150 feet below the surface of the sea over a decade ago by a shore geo survey. Hope you enjoy the photos and facts!

The stone, some 19 feet tall and 9 feet wide, had been in 15 pieces under the sea bottom, and was one of the largest ever found. The scientists also displayed another such slab, about one-third the size.