Egyptian Puppet Accused of Terrorism

Egypt’s current political climate is such that seemingly anyone and everyone can be investigated and even jailed for ties to the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptian authorities only showed how true that was when they began investigating Abla Fahita, a popular puppet character in Egypt, for allegations of terrorism.


A little-known activist who goes by the name Ahmed Spider filed a legal complaint against the character, claiming that a Vodaphone commercial the puppet starred in contained a coded message to Muslim Brotherhood members. Without giving too much away, the code involves a cactus that represents planned violence.

Fahita, a gossipy widow character, appeared on several news programs to deny the accusations — including the BBC and Egypt’s CBC networks. She claims her humor is simply being misunderstood.

These accusations are very common in Egypt, a nation where the military-backed regime has imposed harsh security measures and arrested thousands of people supposedly tied to the Islamist group. The situation has only worsened after several fatal bombings that were blamed on such groups.

It’s an amusingly bizarre story, but when you think about it — it’s pretty depressing that Egypt is so upside down that a puppet can be accused of terrorism!