WATCH: Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo’s Escape from Prison Caught on Tape

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman escaped from prison in Mexico this past weekend and officials released a closed-circuit video of his escape.

In the surveillance footage above you see El Chapo pace back and forth in his cell, repeatedly going towards his shower. Eventually you see him sit on his bed for a moment, and suddenly get up and go back to his shower. That is when he disappears.

According to Fox News this escape was being planned for as long as a year. Guzman unlatched a 20 inch opening on the floor of his shower and climbed down a 32 foot shaft. It is believed that the drug lord spent nearly $50 million to have his own engineers create an elaborate tunnel in which he would be able to escape from.

Officials believe that Guzman has access to unlimited resources and may very easily never be seen again.

While the United States has offered to help find the criminal, Mexico has denied all aid.