‘Elephant Man’ with Massive Leg Swelling Hopes to Raise Money for Life-Changing Operation

Michael Cull, a former NASA scientist is hoping to raise near $18,000 in funds for a life-changing surgery after claiming the British National Health Service (NHS) let him down.

The 66-year-old developed an extreme condition called elephantiasis over the past decade after getting into a car accident. Following the accident he was diagnosed with gross lymphedema – abnormal swelling that is caused by buildup of fluid.

Naturally he was excited when he was given a date from the NHS for a surgery in Hull, East Yorkshire and then devastated when it was cancelled.

He explained his disappointment with the NHS, according to the Mirror:

“I feel let down by the NHS. Somebody should have noticed this a long time ago.”

“The warning signs, when it started swelling around my ankle, should have been a sign to doctors that some-thing was not quite right” he says of the early stages of the swelling following the accident.

He says he doesn’t know why the operation was cancelled but suspects his rights have been violated. Now he’s left with the option to go to India, where the condition is much more common and doctors are used to performing the appropriate surgeries.

“I think going private could be the only way, because they can do this in India” he said “But I don’t know if the NHS would pay for me to go to India. It would be about £12,000 ($17,800), all-in, that’s including flights and two weeks in the hospital.”

For now, however, Cull tries to stay indoors as much as he can, since he’s been taunted by jokes in the past due to his condition. We wish him all the best and hope he can get the proper treatment and care for his condition.

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