Why Are People Paying to Have Five-Ton Elephants Step on Them?

Tourists in Chang Mai, Thailand are putting down money to get a very unusual message. It’s one that involves a full grown elephant stepping on their backs, poking them with their heavy trunks and walking over them.

Why are people paying to get elephant massages?

The Mirror explains that a number of Asian elephants, weighing anywhere from three to five tons are being used to administer techniques used by masseurs to massage anyone brave enough to get under the giant animals.

And you really do have to be brave. Although it may seem like gentle, controlled pokes and pressure applications, as the Mirror points out, one wrong move could prove to be deadly.

Ian Maclean, a traveler from Hawaii, USA, talks of the unusual tourist attraction.

During my travels around Asia I have seen many unusual animal massages, including one with four Burmese pythons. In places like Thailand entrepreneurial safari park owners see it as a way of making some extra money. But this elephant one is a little more challenging purely thanks to the animals sheer size and power. It looked quite dangerous and I saw many years ago the perils when an elephant stepped on a tourist’s leg. You can imagine what happened and the pain that person was in. But if you are brave enough, it is one for the bucket list.

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