WATCH: Elephant Seals Cuddle With Journalist

We hear a lot about people being eaten or killed by viscous animals, or animals being hunted to extinction by poachers, but what about the upside of human-fauna relations?

We stumbled upon a prime example of man befriending (adorable) beast in an old video that’s been recirculating social media once again. It isn’t hard to see why, and I defy anyone not to smile at it.

The video depicts Irish reporter Charlie Bird lounging about with his camera on an Antarctica beach when a few of the locals come closer to investigate this tourist.

At first, it seems like the tiny creature, an elephant seal, might be an aspiring photographer as he sniffs at Bird’s fancy camera, presumably wondering if it’s a Canon or a Nikon.

It isn’t long before he  (or she) notices the big Irishman the camera’s attached to, and recognizes him a perfect cuddle-buddy. Two elephant seals proceed to lay on top of Bird for a few minutes, as he can do nothing but laugh giddily and try to take this all in.

It’s enough to make anyone wish they could buy a pet elephant seal at their local PetSmart and raise it in their backyard pool. It might be wildly impractical, but I’ll be damned if it wouldn’t be just as cute.