Eleven Kids Trapped on a Runaway Bus

It’s a story that could have ended in tragedy: 11 kids, ages 6-14 years old, were trapped on a runaway bus that was driving in the snow.

The event happened in Aitkin County, Minnesota. The bus driver, Scott Gilbertson, 68, experienced some kind of medical emergency that caused the vehicle to weave back and forth across the icy lanes, almost tipping over at one point. A sheriff’s deputy noticed and began to take action; it’s her dash cam footage that’s used in the video above.

“She first saw the vehicle weave within its lane a little bit. She thought that’s not right,” said Sheriff Scott Turner of Aitkin County. “She turned her lights on trying to stop it and the weaving became more pronounced.”

When the deputy was unable to stop the driver, she moved into warning oncoming cars and called for help. Eventually, a state trooper used stop sticks — a strip composed of long metal barbs, teeth or spikes pointing upward that puncture and flatten tires when a vehicle drives over them — and that was able to halt the vehicle in a ditch.

The driver was immediately rushed to the hospital, but there’s no word at this time about his condition. The ordeal lasted around 14 minutes. All of the kids trapped on the bus left unharmed, if a little shaken up.