No Way! This $6,800 Car Can Get 84 MPG

According to Elio Motors, some time next year, you can expect the company to begin building the car of the future in its Louisiana factory.

Elio Motors plans to build a three-wheeled vehicle capable of clocking 84 miles per gallon on the highway and will sell for a base price of only $6,800.

The model, which probably won’t ever have a name, will come equipped with a 3 cylinder, 55 horsepower engine and a “teardrop” body. Its narrow cabin can seat two passengers, though whoever gets stuck in the back is sure to experience a little claustrophobia.

Because the car will only have three wheels, it is, in legal terms, actually considered a motorcycle.

If you ask us, it looks like another tiny little deathtrap. But hey! If it can get really get 84 miles to the gallon, we’d be willing to trust its five-star crash safety rating and hop on in.

Check out the video above for more information on this ultra high mileage vehicle.