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Ellen DeGeneres Sued Over Breast Joke

Daytime talk show superstar, Ellen DeGeneres, is being sued over a joke that was included in one of her “What’s Wrong with These Signs?” segments. After poking fun at the “Nipple Convalescent Home” sign, she went right into a picture of a real estate sign showing the realtor’s name as Titi Pierce. Of course the audience got a laugh at this breast-reference joke, but the producers of the show failed to blur out the phone number associated with Pierce’s sign.
When the show aired, Pierce – whose first name is pronounced “tee-tee” – was on her way to a funeral, and was bombarded with calls from viewers of the show making fun of her name and ridiculing her in what she described as “cruel voices.”
Pierce has since filed a lawsuit against Ellen and Warner Brothers claiming “emotional distress” and “mental pain.” She adds that no one has ever pronounced her name as “Titty” in “her 35 years of life.”
You can view the segment that got Ellen into hot water here:

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