Eminem Raps About Caitlyn Jenner and You Have to Hear It

Here it is, the six-minute outrageous freestyle which has everyone talking. It starts with Eminem teasing Caitlyn and ends with him bashing Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.

Whether you like him or not, the clip shows Eminem’s talents, especially because he’s working without a beat–not easy to do. This is pure improv, people! And he’s a genius! You may think he’s a jerk, but he’s definitely good at this wordsmith game we call rapping.

Yes, as usual, the famous rapper has a foul mouth but is he tearing down Jenner in his song? Most of the press seems to think so. We’re not sure, so we’re going to let you decide whether or not Eminem is being insensitive to Caitlyn or transgender issues in general. Really, his lyrics could be construed as a light-hearted jest or even some friendly ribbing. But, to some it’s just not acceptable.

Even though Eminem’s light jabs at Caitlyn are getting the most attention in the media, here are the lyrics to what he says about Bill Cosby, which are scorching:

“I made monopoly off misogyny / Sodomy, how many chocolatey Jell-o pops can he possibly lace, walking atrocity /

We want to hear from you so tell us if you think Eminem’s freestyle audio clip is offensive or just plain hilarious.