Employees Tattoo Their Company Logo for a 15% Raise

How far would you go to show loyalty and get a raise? A New York City-based brokerage company, Rapid Realty, is giving a 15 percent raise to any employee who gets a tattoo of the company logo–so far 40 of the 800 agents are inked and more are lining up, Anthony Lolli, the CEO of Rapid Realty told NBC News.

Robert Trezza, who is the 40th employee to get the tattoo, told CBS, “I think it’s a good opportunity to show commitment to a company that makes going to work fun every day.” rapid realty 1.

One new agent got the tattoo after only a week working for Rapid Realty.

Since Rapid Realty’s 1,100 agents work on commission, the 15 percent increase kicks in each time they close a deal. Most agents start at a 25 percent commission, the company tattoo bumps them up to 40 percent. Some agents were already maxed out at the 40 percent rate, but still got tattoos even though there was no extra pay in the deal, Lolli said.

Rapid agent, Stephanie Barry went under the needle two weeks ago and got a nice bonus for every successful transaction. “I was like, why am I throwing my money away when I could give myself from a $25,000 to $40,000 for the same amount of work?” Barry told reporters.

Lolli says, the tattoos can be any size anywhere on the agent’s body to qualify for the bonus. They’re getting the tattoos anywhere they like: on their thighs, biceps, ankles, wrist, behind the ear and elsewhere.

Some have only the RR logo, while others have also spelled out Rapid Realty. “They’re allowed to customize it,” Lolli says.

Agent Adam Altman was the first worker to ink up for the man. He says, “The company’s been good to me. I don’t see myself going anywhere. If I have it on, it’s gonna force me to keep going and working harder, cuz you know I have that logo on, you know you’re not going to give up. It’s there for life.”

It’s all good till you leave the company.