EMT Suspended for Trying to Save 7-Year-Old Girl

A little girl has been on life support for the past few days after a normal afternoon lunch time at school went horribly wrong. Seven-year-old Noelia-Lisa Echavarria suddenly began choking last Wednesday at school.

Stories collide when EMT Qwasie Reid was driving past the elementary school and saw someone run out screaming for help. Being a person who saves others for a living he did what he was being called to do. He pulled over the ambulance he was driving that had a patient who was being transported to an assisted living home along with another EMT inside.

According to ABC 7, Reid acted quickly by clearing the first grader’s mouth, using oxygen and performing CPR. However, despite his efforts she remained unresponsive. After hearing the devastating news and seeing her daughter, Noelia-Lisa’s mother had 15 seizures.

Despite the difficult situation the young girl’s mom is doing better but Noelia-Lisa remains on life support.  EMT Qwasie Reid has been suspended as a result for abandoning his ambulance truck that day to try and save the little girl.

ABC 7 reported that Noelia-Lisa’s family is trying to stay positive in the hopes that their daughter will wake up from the coma.