Australian Surfer Has Close Encounter with 9-Foot Great White Shark (PHOTOS)

‘If you’re going to get chomped then you’re going to get chomped, there’s nothing you can do about it,” Andy Johnston explained to the Esperance Express.

Having escaped a great white shark attack just two weeks before Sean Pollard lost his left forearm and right hand and wrist makes Johnston one lucky guy.

While trying to catch some waves in the cerulean waters off Western Australia, Johnston was trailed by a 9-foot great white. From a distance, the shark looks like a large, dark shadow slowly creeping in on him. At one point, it was just a few feet away.

People on the shoreline tried to warn Johnston about the shark, some even honked their car horns to sound an alarm.

But the surfer did not panic.

Instead, he stayed calm and slowly paddles away from the predator.

“I’d rather try to hold my ground against it and not freak out and make a commotion,” he said.

The photos above were captured earlier this month by Frits De Bruyn, but were only recently published.

A few moments after the great white swam off, Johnston was back in the water.