Cat Fights off Coyotes

Video: Cat Fights Off Coyotes and Wins

See the moment a cat fights off coyotes in Southern California. You won't believe your eyes when you see this encounter. Take a look.

Guy Buys a Bunch of Quail Eggs from Supermarket and Then THIS Happened (VIDEO)

A quail egg hatched from supermarket?! The simple answer is "yes." See the video that took the world be storm as Albert was introduced.

How to THRIVE in 2019 — According to a WISE Woman You’ve Never Heard...

Read the words of Florence Scovel Shinn, a wise woman who lived in the early 1900s. You won't believe the power her thoughts.

Dee Dee Conover Describes the Moment She Made Eye Contact with a Dying Whale...

After going for a swim around a small island in Maine, Dee Dee Conover experienced something that she'll never forget.
Beluga Whale Russian Spy

Alleged Russian Spy whale Falls in Love with Norwegians, Won’t Go Home

Is This beluga whale russian spy? Meet the beluga whale that showed up in Norway and is trying to make friends with locals.
What Happens If You Reward Monkeys Unequally

VIDEO: What Happens When You Reward Two Monkeys Unequally?

You may have thought that these traits were restricted to humans.

He Is The Largest Cat in New York City – You Have to See...

Get ready to see the largest cat in New York City! This guy is so big you won't believe your eyes, and his owners are so in love with him.

Harrowing Moment Exhausted New York Carriage Horse Collapses in Manhattan Street ‘After Driver Pushed...

A witness leaving a NYC nightclub on Friday has claimed that a carriage horse collapsed because its owner was pushing it to get through a green light. Bogdan Paul Angheluta was leaving the Spaze Ibiza...

The Giant Panda Is No Longer Considered “Endangered”

In a wonderful development in nature conservation, the giant panda was downgraded from endangered to vulnerable on the list of species that are in danger of going extinct which is one step further away...

Extremely Rare White Orcas Spotted In Russian Waters

Seeing a white orce is very rare but to see a whole pod of adults edges on the legendary. Scientists were surprised when the majestic animal rose out of the water directly next to...