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Rihanna is Completely Obsessed with Her Own Twitter Meme

Popstar Rihanna has clearly taken a very big shine to her stick-figure alter ego 'Rhenna' -- she can't stop posting photos of her on social media! The singer has even been spotted wearing a platinum...

Daily Mail Retracts Melania Trump Escort Agency Story

Newspaper The Daily Mail has landed in hot water after publishing a story about Melania Trump apparently working as an escort before she met current husband, presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The story alleged that Melania...

Pitch Perfect Co Stars Are ENGAGED!!!

So it's not Becca, and I apologize to you because I feel your pain... So has great "chemistry" that you think Becca and her boyfriend have on Pitch Perfect, they are not actually a real...

WATCH: Reality Stars Before and After Fame

They have been gone under the needle, crave attention, and are obsessed with drama.

SEE: Prince William Appears on Gay Magazine Cover

This is the first time a British royal has been photographed for the front of a gay publication.

WATCH: What Happened to the Man With The Golden Voice?

In 2011 he was given the chance of a lifetime, and then this happened.

10 Celebrities Who’ve Been Locked Up

They may seem perfect on TV and in movies, but think again!
oj simpson conspiracy

WATCH: OJ Simpson Cover Up Revealed by the Man Who Arrested Him?

Was OJ wrongly arrested? What this officer has to say is quite shocking... or is it?