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jonathan from whos the boss

Where Is He Now? Find Out What Happened to the Actor Who Played Jonathan...

Have you ever happened to actor Danny Pintauro from Whos the Boss? Find out what happened to him and the challenges he's faced.

Rare Footage of Michael Jackson’s 1996 Interrogation Over Child Abuse Allegations (VIDEO)

It's incredibly haunting to watch him get uncomfortable while being question in this footage.

10 Actors You May Not Know Are Dead

Between TV repeats and movies on demand, there are a lot of actors you may not know are dead. Check out our FTK video to see who's on the list.

The Unknown Role Steve Buscemi Played in the 9/11 Attacks

Before Steve Buscemi was a Hollywood star, he had a very unexpected career.

14 Celebrities Missing Body Parts — We Bet You Never Knew (VIDEO)

Find out which celebrities are missing body parts. You may be surprised at who is missing what. Who knew that Mathew Perry is missing something vital!
Strange Celebrity Diets - Lady Gaga

7 Strange Celebrity Diets We Don’t Want to Try

Learn all about 7 strange celebrity diets that have been given a try. You probably won't find the exciting. See what you think!
What Happened to Joey Lawrence

“Whoa,” What Happen to Joey Lawrence

Wonder what happened to Joey Lawrence from the hit show "Blossom?" This article answers that question and more.
Ellen Sexually Abused as Teen

Ellen DeGeneres Shares Painful Details About Her Sexual Abuse as a Teen

Ellen DeGeneres sexually abused as teen shares her experience on David Letterman's show "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction."
Celebrity Couples You Forget

10 Celebrities Relationships So Low-Key You Probably Forgot They Were Together

Some power couples in Hollywood are so in your face that you know 24/7 they're together. However, there are those that seem to be forgotten. The following are celebrity...
Dorthy Stratten

The Tragic Life & Murder of Model Dorothy Stratten

Get the story of how her star was rising before her untimely death.