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leap year and synchronicity

Leap Year 2016 & Synchronicity — Could This the Be the Day to Find...

Find out why understanding this concept means EVERYTHING for your future.
Is putin immortal?

WATCH: Conspiracy Theorists Offer Compelling Evidence That Putin Is Immortal – Gotta See This!

This evidence may make you wonder what the REAL deal with this dude is.

The Best Black Santas in History

We've got some classics, and a few we dreamed up. See who made the list.

WATCH: 10 Weirdest Criminals of All Time

These stories prove the human brain can be a VERY STRANGE mechanism.

WATCH: Life After Death Proved By Scientists?

Learn about the study that may prove your soul lives on forever.

PHOTOS: Life Before & After Smartphones

Whatever happened to living in the moment?

4 People Who Have Literally Been to Hell and Back

One thing's for sure: It's hot as hell there.