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child stars that died young

16 Child Stars Who Died Way Too Young

Find out how they died and how old they were when they took their last breaths.
celebrities ruined by drugs

WATCH: 10 Famous People Ruined by Drugs

Find out what their drugs of choice were and what led them down the path of ruin.

Mom Sews Amazing Disney Costumes for Daughter, Turns Her Into Local Star

See why this adorable 3-year-old has become an unofficial star at Disney World.
is cruz beckham the next justin bieber

WATCH: Is David Beckham’s Son Cruz the Next Justin Bieber? You Decide

Everyone is talking about Cruz Beckham and the vocals he's just shared.
steve harvey meets prancercise queen

VIDEO: See What Happened When Steve Harvey Met the Prancercise Queen

This got pretty darn hilarious when these two got together on national TV.
worst child experiments

WATCH: Top 5 Creepy Experiments Done on Children in History

You will never believe the things humanity has done in the name of science.
sam kinison last words

VIDEO: This Comedian’s Last Words Before He Died May Convince You the Afterlife Is...

Some think this story is proof there is an afterlife. Do you?