Human Interest

Marina Chapman

She Was Kidnapped, Left in the Jungle at Age 5, Then Raised by Monkeys

Get the details of a mind-blowing story about one incredible woman.

WATCH: For Christ’s Sake — The Nuns Who Grow & Sell CBD

Meet two nuns who grow cbd out of a garage. They are both very nontraditional women despite the typical Catholic nuns' habits they wear.

Meet the Man Who Lived without Human Contact for 27 Years — Then Society...

He was finally arrested on April 4, 2013, and charged with theft and burglary.

In 1985, She Became Trapped Beneath a Volcanic Mudflow — These Were the Final...

Relive the final hours of Omayra Sanchez's life and find out how the photo of her captivated the world. Her story is tragic, but she was so bold.
Mom Finds Letter Dead Daughter

Daughter Dies, Mom Find’s Secret Letter — Is Shocked!

Mom find letter by dead daughter and is shocked. Find out what Taylor Smith said and why she wrote the letter. Prepare to be inspired.
Man Finds Out Hes Missing 30 Years Later

30 Years After His Adoption, He Discovered He Was on the Missing Person’s List

Man finds out he's missing 20 years later! Find out what Steve Carter discovered after he accidentally saw himself on a missing children's website.

The Secret Hippie Camp in Paradise You Won’t Believe Actually Existed

They created order without rules during a time of radical change, hope and possibility. Learn about the Taylor Camp and see amazing photos.

WATCH: 10 Weirdest Criminals of All Time

Hear the stories of the 10 weirdest criminals of all time and what they were accused of. Their stories are sure to make your head completely spin.
alonzo clayton

The Downfall of the Youngest Kentucky Derby Winner You’ve Never Heard of, But Should

Learn about the life of Alonzo Clayton, the youngest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby. Find out why his life fell apart.
what is a star child

WATCH: Are You a Starchild? This Documentary May Reveal a Truth You NEVER Knew

Historian says you or your child may possess alien DNA.