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jonathan from whos the boss

Where Is He Now? Find Out What Happened to the Actor Who Played Jonathan...

Have you ever happened to actor Danny Pintauro from Whos the Boss? Find out what happened to him and the challenges he's faced.

The Unknown Role Steve Buscemi Played in the 9/11 Attacks

Before Steve Buscemi was a Hollywood star, he had a very unexpected career.

The Hauntingly Sad & Secluded Lives of the Dionne Quintuplets

They were the world's first surviving identical quintuplets.

WATCH: Japanese Taxi Drivers Report Picking Up Ghosts of Tsunami Victims

Of the thousands who died, some are apparently unsettled.

WATCH: ‘Baby Ghost’ Caught on Baby Cam Sitting Up Next to Sleeping Girl

See what this mother saw that totally freaked her out.

WATCH: The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh — Is Everything We’ve Learned About Him...

Discover the secrets they've uncovered about the man who allegedly is behind the Oklahoma City bombings.
Real Life Betty Boop

The Real Life Betty Boop Who Sued the Cartoonist That Made Her Famous

The real life Betty Boop was pretty much identical to the cartoon made based on her looks and her singing style. Helen Kane sang the same songs.
Grigori Perelman

The Man Who Solved the World’s Greatest Mystery and Then Vanished

Apparently, this guy knows how to control the universe.
Celebrity Couples You Forget

10 Celebrities Relationships So Low-Key You Probably Forgot They Were Together

Some power couples in Hollywood are so in your face that you know 24/7 they're together. However, there are those that seem to be forgotten. The following are celebrity...