Meet Lilli, the Call-Girl Doll Who Became Our Barbie

Lilli was far more badass than Barbie.

Grandparents Watch A Slideshow Of Their Grandson, But They Have No Idea He’s Home!

Dave O’ Regan posted a video of his family on YouTube and before long it stole hearts all over the internet. John, Dave’s older brother, has been living in Australia for the...
yoga pants prank

Guy in Yoga Pants Tricks Straight Dudes into Checking Out His Butt, Their Reactions...

While some guys became embarrassed once they realized it was a guy's butt they were oogling at, others chose to get defensive, some even ready to fight to uphold their manhood.

WATCH: Beautifully Awesome Video Showcases Freestyle Street Skating

Whether you skate or not, this is just plain beautiful.

WATCH: Deep-Fried Water: In Case You Thought H2O Was Just Too Healthy

Does your regular boring old water not have enough calories? This isn't for anyone on a diet.

Senior Cat Wouldn’t Stop Pawing At The Window Until She Found Her Forever Loving...

A 13-year-old cat that lived in a shelter ran up to her enclosure window at the mere sound of someone approaching to tap the window, looking for a bit of love and...

Stray Kitten Interrupts A Live News Cast And Instantly Becomes A Sensation!

What happens in a stray kitten’s life is hardly considered newsworthy but one tiny kitten had a brilliant idea of how to air her issues. Nima Shaffe, a WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) reporter,...
Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Where Is He Now

Whatever Happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Wonder where Jonathan Taylor Thomas disappeared to? This article will give you insights on where he's been and where he's headed.

Confused Dog Freaked Out by Bowling Lane Buzzer, Goes For More

Even though the buzzer annoys and irritates him to no end, Fant, the border collie just cannot keep himself from going back to the buzz that drives him crazy. Glen-Ove Ellingsen, a...