Woman Sets Parachute on Fire

WATCH: Woman Sets Parachute on Fire Mid-Jump

WATCH: Woman sets parachute on fire mid-jump, and you won't believe that she actually did so on purpose! What was she thinking and is she insane? Watch this
Guy Gets Electrocuted Singing Bruno Mars

Guy Gets Electrocuted While Singing Bruno Mars in a Tree

It's not often that a guy gets electrocuted while singing Bruno Mars, but this video proves it can happen. Take a look at this..
Marina Chapman

She Was Kidnapped, Left in the Jungle at Age 5, Then Raised by Monkeys

Get the details of a mind-blowing story about one incredible woman.

How to THRIVE in 2019 — According to a WISE Woman You’ve Never Heard...

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2 Girls, 1 Cockroach in a Bizarre Japanese Game Show

We've all heard about bizarre TV shows, but this one is probably the grossest of them all. Check it out.

WATCH: For Christ’s Sake — The Nuns Who Grow & Sell CBD

Meet two nuns who grow cbd out of a garage. They are both very nontraditional women despite the typical Catholic nuns' habits they wear.

Dee Dee Conover Describes the Moment She Made Eye Contact with a Dying Whale...

After going for a swim around a small island in Maine, Dee Dee Conover experienced something that she'll never forget.
Animal Spies - Squirrel

5 Strange Cases of Accused Animal Spies

Learn all about 5 strange cases of accused animal spies. Find out what governments have used squirrels, cats and pigeons to keep track of the enemy.

Meet the Man Who Lived without Human Contact for 27 Years — Then Society...

He was finally arrested on April 4, 2013, and charged with theft and burglary.

In 1985, She Became Trapped Beneath a Volcanic Mudflow — These Were the Final...

Relive the final hours of Omayra Sanchez's life and find out how the photo of her captivated the world. Her story is tragic, but she was so bold.