crazy internet conspiracy theories

WATCH: 10 CRAZIEST Internet Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

A time traveling vampire is roaming the earth? Cats are spies? And Avril Lavigne is really dead?!
Real Life Betty Boop

The Real Life Betty Boop Who Sued the Cartoonist That Made Her Famous

The real life Betty Boop was pretty much identical to the cartoon made based on her looks and her singing style. Helen Kane sang the same songs.
Dorthy Stratten

The Tragic Life & Murder of Model Dorothy Stratten

Get the story of how her star was rising before her untimely death.

The Tomb of Téviec: A 6,500-Year-Old Murder Mystery

These were extremely violent times.
Henry H Holmes

America’s First Serial Killer: How Henry H. Holmes Used a World’s Fair to Lure...

Henry H. Holmes was America's first serial killer, and he may well have been its most prolific, luring unsuspecting guests into his castle of horrors.
ancient alien art

Do These 15 Ancient Art Pieces Prove Aliens Exist?

Could these art pieces answer the age old questions about extraterrestrial life?

10 Actors You May Not Know Are Dead

Between TV repeats and movies on demand, there are a lot of actors you may not know are dead. Check out our FTK video to see who's on the list.
Facts About Notre Dame

10 Fascinating Facts About Notre Dame You Probably Didn’t Know

Learn 10 facts about Notre Dame and how the fire affected the various parts that make the landmark unique. You'll be amazed at its history.

In 1985, She Became Trapped Beneath a Volcanic Mudflow — These Were the Final...

Relive the final hours of Omayra Sanchez's life and find out how the photo of her captivated the world. Her story is tragic, but she was so bold.