Elvis Federal Agent

That One Time Elvis Became an Undercover Federal Narcotics Agent

During a visit to Washington, D.C., Elvis had a secret meeting with Nixon in the Oval Office.
To Declassified Secrets

SHOCKING VIDEO: 10 Top Declassified Secrets You Should Know About

Learn all about some of the top declassified secrets that have been released for the world to see. This video explains the most shocking ones out there.

WATCH: Last Remaining Witness to Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination Recalls What He Saw

He shared his story in 1956 on the television show "I've Got a Secret."

Rare Footage of Michael Jackson’s 1996 Interrogation Over Child Abuse Allegations (VIDEO)

It's incredibly haunting to watch him get uncomfortable while being question in this footage.
elisa lam mysterious death

The Mysterious & Haunting Death of Elisa Lam Uncovered

The details of the last day of her life is both mysterious and frightening.
Olive Oatman

The Terrifying Tale of the Girl with a Tattooed Face – It All Started...

Find out how and why she got her famous tattoo in the 1850s.

The Remarkable Life and Death of Roy L. “Rocky” Dennis

He suffered from a rare and fatal congenital disease called craniodiaphyseal dysplasia.
The Sodder Family

The Unexplained, Tragic Disappearance of the Five Sodder Children

Until this day, it's a case that remains open and unsolved. The five Sodder children were never heard from again. Read about the Sodder family mystery here.
5 Strangest Bodysnatchings in History

WATCH: 5 Strangest Bodysnatchings in History You’ve Never Known About

Learn about some of the most creepy body snatching moments in history.

1920’s New York Just Looked Epic!

Take a look at 1920s New York to see what a magnificent and intriguing time period it was. You may want to travel in time when you see these photos.