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Absurd Inventions - Privacy Scarf

5 Absurd Inventions We Can Definitely Live Without

Check out these 5 absurd inventions that humanity could probably do without. These include the privacy scarf, butter stick and more!

Wife Scaring Husband Videos Are the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Week

There's just something really funny about seeing a big man scream like a little girl.

Worried Mom Finds Black Mark in Her Baby’s Mouth Is SHOCKED at What It...

A mom finds a black mark in her baby's mouth and freaks out. Find out what Darian Depreta and doctors discovered. You may be shocked.
What Happens If You Reward Monkeys Unequally

VIDEO: What Happens When You Reward Two Monkeys Unequally?

You may have thought that these traits were restricted to humans.

McDonald’s Lets Internet Create New Burger, Instantly Regrets It

McDonalds New Zealand celebrated the launch of their in-store interactive touch screen displays with an online contest allowing people to build and name their own burgers. The named burgers could be submitted online then...

Angry Bird: The Moment Peacock Attacks Girl

Who knew peacocks could be so temperamental?! This regal-looking bird clearly has the attitude to match - it gave a terrified tourist a very strong telling off when she tried to capture it on...
funniest engineering fails in history

WATCH: World’s Funniest Engineering Fails That Will Make Your Head Spin

You won't believe the errors that engineers and their workers are capable of!