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15 Myths About the Moon

15 Common Myths About the Moon

No, the moon IS NOT made of dairy products!
What Happens If You Reward Monkeys Unequally

VIDEO: What Happens When You Reward Two Monkeys Unequally?

You may have thought that these traits were restricted to humans.

Remember the Drunk Funny Flip Flop Festival Guy? (Video)

Rule #1 - Don't be that guy! That embarrassing, drunk, nearly two minute video of you will stay on the internet forever.
10 Dumb Facebook Posts

10 REALLY Stupid Facebook Posts That Got People Arrested

More proof that social media can lead to your demise.
Guy Dancing to the Ice Cream Truck

WATCH: Guy Dancing to Ice Cream Truck Jingle is Next-Level Hilarious

The guy dancing to the ice cream truck has to be one of the most hilarious viral videos we've ever shared.

Worried Mom Finds Black Mark in Her Baby’s Mouth Is SHOCKED at What It...

A mom finds a black mark in her baby's mouth and freaks out. Find out what Darian Depreta and doctors discovered. You may be shocked.