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McDonald’s Lets Internet Create New Burger, Instantly Regrets It

McDonalds New Zealand celebrated the launch of their in-store interactive touch screen displays with an online contest allowing people to build and name their own burgers. The named burgers could be submitted online then...

Angry Bird: The Moment Peacock Attacks Girl

Who knew peacocks could be so temperamental?! This regal-looking bird clearly has the attitude to match - it gave a terrified tourist a very strong telling off when she tried to capture it on...
funniest engineering fails in history

WATCH: World’s Funniest Engineering Fails That Will Make Your Head Spin

You won't believe the errors that engineers and their workers are capable of!
old woman cracks judge up

WATCH: “Sweetheart” Judge Cracks Up at 80-Year-Old Inmate’s Banter

Make sure you watch all the way to the end -- that's where all the good stuff is!
giraffe tries to fix fence

WATCH: Giraffe Breaks Gate & Another Tries to Fix It

Who knew giraffes could be so obsessed with trying to fix things!

Crow Steals Knife from Crime Scene

This crow is a notorious thief in Vancouver.

What Happens When Twin Brothers Try the Face Swapping App?

There's nothing on the internet quite as brilliant as a perfectly executed face swap.