Entire Town Gets High After Police Burn 1,000 Pounds of Seized Marijuana

It’s always funny when police try to make a strong political point — like the fact that they have a zero-tolerance policy toward drugs — and it blows back in their faces like a cloud of… well… marijuana smoke.

That’s exactly what happened to the police of Palmerah, which is sub-district of West Jakarta, Indonesia. The local law enforcement, along with some political officials, accidentally gave local residents the buzz of their lives after they burned a 3.3-ton pile of marijuana.

This was intended to be a big event, with police inviting journalists to see the burning. While officers conducting the burn wore masks, no one thought about the fact that smoke travels, especially when there’s a breeze. And before anyone could say, “Don’t Bogart that joint…” a bunch of locals and journalists were feeling the effects. Residents — who allegedly weren’t notified about the blaze — and journalists reported feeling dizzy, headaches and intoxicated when the plume of smoke blew into their streets.

Also destroyed in the mix? A potent mix of 1.8 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 2,538 ecstasy pills. See how an entire town gets high in the video above.

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