Epic Coma Prank Tries to Teach a Lesson (and Fails?)

Comedian Tom Mabe posted a video last year on his YouTube channel, dubbed half-prank, half-intervention, wherein he convinces a friend he has been in a coma for 10 years. The friend, whose last name is censored and is known simply as Dennis, has apparently had five DUIs in the past.

This epic coma prank, which required hiring several actors and converting a spare room into a convincing hospital room, sparked controversy at the time and has made the rounds again recently. It has some cheering on the trick, and others criticizing the prank for making light of a situation that should be taken seriously.

The video ends with Mabe himself trying to literally slap some sense into his friend, who just laughs after realizing it’s a hoax. Although Mabe seems deathly serious as he tells his friend that he could have died and lost his child, it’s unclear if Dennis has actually gotten the point, let alone learned a lasting lesson.

Others have pointed out that the video may have been staged, based on the complicated setup, Dennis’s reaction, and the lack of follow-up. As such, there’s no word on how the prank affected Dennis, or, indeed, if Dennis is even a real person as opposed to an actor.

Regardless, the video is worth a watch simply for the work put into it, including a fake 2023 news program involving Miley Cyrus’s meth problems, Justin Beiber’s marriage to Dale Earnhardt Jr., and President Hilary Clinton’s feud with Canada.