The Most Epic Fail In Wheel Of Fortune History?

A Wheel Of Fortune contestant crashed and burned so spectacularly on the show that his appearance went viral and made Wheel of Fortune history.
With just one letter on the board to be revealed, the contestant failed to guess that the answer to the puzzle A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE was Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer prize-winning play.
Instead, he went for a ‘k’ creating a way sleazier sounding title A Streetcar Naked Desire.

The stunned host then had to explain that he had answered incorrectly before handing it over to the rival contestant, who managed to somehow get it right and walked away with the winnings.
We’re going to go out on a limb here and say this guy has never heard of the Tennesse Williams play or the big screen adaptation starring Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando. Or perhaps he just panicked?
Either way it didn’t take long for Twitter to react to the appearance.

Wheel Of Fortune has often seen appearances hitting the headlines but, usually, it’s for the opposite reason.
Last year Robert Santoli was touted as the most impressive contestants ever after he successfully guessed ‘port and starboard’ from just the ‘&’ sign and a D letter at the end of the phrase.

The best ever?

He should really give the new guy some tips!

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