WATCH: Epic Nerf War Gets WAY Out of Hand

Sometimes a harmless game with friends becomes a serious competition. Sometimes that turns into a full-scale war effort, as is the case when a group of guys got together to stage a Nerf battle. For the uninitiated, Nerf are a popular toy line of plastic toy guns by Hasbro that fire foam darts.

A hilarious video, created by the YouTube channel RackaRacka, shows the extreme consequences of starting a Nerf war with your buddies–because you never know when you might be outgunned.

What started as a few friends hanging out and annoying each other by firing Nerf shots quickly escalated into a war of dramatic attacks, betrayal, and loss. Too bad Nerf doesn’t make foam medals of merit.

The short sketch was directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, and you can follow their Facebook page for more video updates.