Equivalent of 2,782 Years Wasted Watching ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos

We don’t know about you, but we’ve just about had it with those “Harlem Shake” videos. The fad started early this year, blew up, and then quickly faded (though not quickly enough).

If you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the viral obsession, the roughly half-minute long videos feature a group of people going about their normal lives with one person dancing around them to Brooklyn-based music producer Baauer’s single, “Harlem Shake.” Then for the last half of the video, everyone else joins in on the dance, with vigorous shaking and thrusting. Sometimes there are costumes involved.

Since the trend went viral everyone from celebs, to athletes, to military men, to underground miners did their own version, with each one aiming to outdo the rest. Some were admittedly funny, some were eh, and others actually cost people their jobs.

Another thing that was lost: time. Lots and lots of time from viewers like you, us, your mom, your mom’s mom and millions of other people who wasted away the hours helplessly watching the weird dance video.

But when you consider that it’s only a 30-some second video, you probably think it can’t be that bad, right? Wrong.

The people over at YTD, the maker of a YouTube analyst tool for marketers, put the numbers together and found out people have cumulatively spent an equivalent of 2,782 years watching the various “Harlem Shake” videos in about a month’s time.

Yes, 2,782 years.

What are some other things we can accomplish in that time frame?  Based on YTD’s infographic, we can earn $176 million making minimum wage, earn a bachelor’s degree a total of 50,780 times, and traveled from the sun and back 2,313 times, among other things.

Check out the infographic for more stats. Now that we are ashamed enough at how much time we’ve wasted, can we please move on? Thank you.