Have You Ever Seen a Cartwheeling Spider?

In Morocco, a new species of spider (Cebrennus rechenbergi) has been discovered.

This arachnid lives in the sands of Erg Chebbi and is the only known spider that moves by means of “flic-flac” jumps, which look more like cartwheels to us than anything else.

The C. rechenbergi is capable of propelling itself off the ground to travel in a series of directions, including uphill. This peculiar movement allows the spider to cover ground twice as fast than if were to simply walk, especially when faced with potential predators.

Aside from its aerial dynamics, it is also quite the engineer.

By using its silk threads, it can build structures in the sand for protection from the scorching sun.

Ingo Rechenberg, the bionics expert who is said to have discovered the spider, is using it as inspiration for a new robot named “Tabbot,” which can walk as well as do somersaults like its arachnid comrade.

Check out the video above and see this amazing species for yourself!

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