Ever Wondered How Street Signs Are Made?

There are millions of street signs all around the world.

Most of the time they’re pretty normal, boring and well… correct. Some are even out of the ordinary, causing you to take a second glance. And while we’ve all heard about drivers complaining about how annoying some traffic signs are — you may even be one of them — those signs are absolutely necessary in order for the flow of today’s traffic to move safely.

Indeed, the traffic signs and regulations we try to follow today are actually a blessing in disguise. Even if we may not always approve of the speed limit, at least we have one and know what it is.

Have you ever wondered where the street signs come from? In Texas, they use prisoners to make the signs. Elsewhere — it’s a paid job.

Since you probably won’t be visiting a Texas prison anytime soon, NYCDOT made a video to show you the process in action.

In Maspeth, Queens, at DOT’s in-house sign shop, a crew of 22 employees fabricates 9,000 to 12,000 signs per month to keep New York City moving in the right direction.