Why Is Everyone Obsessed with Jen Selter’s Butt?

Jen Selter is known for having the most talked about booty on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian and J-Lo are old news.

Selter, a self-proclaimed fitness guru from Long Island, has more than 5 million followers and her audience only continues to grow each time she posts a new “belfie” (butt selfie).

While you probably wouldn’t recognize her face if the two of you passed each other on the street, her perky posterior would most definitely give her away.

So, why has everyone in the world become so obsessed with her butt? Is it objectifying to give Selter’s butt so much praise? Maybe.

Anyway, when we heard that she was featured in Vanity Fair, we couldn’t believe the social media star was able to monetize her (ass)ets in such a way.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally not haters, we’re just surprised that a woman can become such a sensation for inspiring others to commit to fitness with her butt. 

“We believe she can be the next Jillian Michaels,” The Legacy Agency agent Andrew Witlieb said, even though Selter has no formal fitness training.

Selter confesses that she “never imagined her butt would become so famous.”

Yeah right.

Excuse us while we go do 15 reps of 5,000 squats.