Everyone’s Favorite Underwear Model, David Beckham, Gets a Run for His Money


There’s not really anything we love more than enjoying David Beckham with hardly any clothes on.

Well, maybe except having him in a pair of underwear that barely covers up his goods.

Everyone’s favorite underwear model is currently promoting his Bodywear line with Swedish retail giant H&M – in a very entertaining fashion.

In a mini-movie directed by Guy Ritchie, a half-naked Beckham runs around Beverly Hills attempting to catch up with the car his missus is driving so he can get back his bathrobe.

You’ll be happy to discover that he fails.

We know what you’re thinking…”What a great gift for Valentine’s Day!”

No, sorry ladies – Beckham’s taken but maybe the special man you do┬áhave in your life would appreciate if you got him some of those briefs!