EW Picks 10 Best TV Shows of 2012

There was the usual crop of new shows this year, old favorites that continue to keep us hooked to our TV screens, and some duds that were canceled quicker than they started (does anyone even remember ABC’s 666 Apartment Avenue?)

Ken Tucker, editor-at-large at Entertainment Weekly and EW.com, reveals his favorites. Don’t agree with him? Check out the new issue of EW with viewer voted favorites on news stands now!

1. Homeland
Claire Danes has come a long way since her My So-Called Life days playing a CIA officer suspecting a US Marine of working for the enemy. Its been renewed for a second season.

2. Breaking Bad
Now on its fifth and last season on AMC, Breaking Bad revolves around a struggling high school chemistry teacher who turns to a life of crime after being diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. The second half of the season will conclude next summer.

3. Louie
If you watched the 64 Annual Primetime Emmy Awards this year, you saw professional stand-up comedian Louis C.K. sweep the categories with nominations and a win for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

4. Girls
A realistic, cringe-inducing look back at our 20s, written, directed, and starring the amazing Lena Dunham. We look forward to the second season!

5. Mad Men
The 1960s seem to get better every year, at least Mad Men has us convinced. We swoon for the hairstyles and clothes and wish we had the show stylist dressing us!

6. The Colbert Report
Political humor that doesn’t grate on your nerves and everyone is in on the joke. We wonder what he’ll come up with now that the major election is over?

7. Parks and Recreation
The little show that could, P&R is now in season 5, wow! Small moments of clever absurdity make this one a keeper.

8. Justified
Based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard, Justified returns for season 3 on January 8. Prepare for more suspenseful mystery!

9. The Good Wife
Now in its fourth season, The Good Wife continues to bring drama so real, you have trouble distinguishing fact from fiction.

10. Nashville
Tucker’s pick for the “best new show of the season” Nashville is part drama, part musical, extremely well acted, and always entertaining.