The Man Who Walked Across Africa to Prove Himself Worthy of Love

British adventurer Ewart Grogan is by far the most stanch lover we have ever heard of. His story proves that love can truly carry us to great lengths and profound heights of achievement.

In 1898, Grogan set out on an expedition to become the first person in history to walk the length of Africa — all in the name of love.

gertrude wattHe was smitten with Gertrude Watt, a wealthy heir of James Watt, the Scottish inventor of the steam engine. She was so affluent that her stepfather wouldn’t allow her to take up suitors who were underprivileged, skeptical that Grogan may just be in it for the money.

To prove himself worthy of her love, Grogan planned out a two-year trek, from the Cape of Good Hope to Cairo. Watt’s stepfather consented to the arrangement, believing that there was no way he could ever succeed.

However, he somehow managed to come away from the 4,500-mile journey alive. Grogan survived lethal jungles, cannibal attacks, wild animals, and harsh environments in order to reach romantic victory.

Following his 730-day journey, the passionate adventurer returned to London to marry his beloved, who awaited his arrival in the face of her stepfather’s suggestion to move on.

The couple later made a life for themselves in Kenya, where they raised a family and lived out the rest of their days by each other’s side.

If you’re interested in learning more about his wild expedition, there’s a really great book available on Amazon called Lost Lion of Empire: The Life of ‘Cape-to-Cairo’ Grogan.